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Shawn's journey as a step-parent spanning three years has provided invaluable insights into the complexities of custody battles. Through his firsthand experiences, Shawn has witnessed the toxic nature of such disputes, often resulting in step-parents becoming unintended casualties. However, amidst these challenges, Shawn bravely navigated the turmoil, offering wisdom and guidance on how to navigate such delicate situations with resilience and grace.

Casualty of a custody battle

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Individual attempted to file charges on me

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Individual showed mom’s part and this is the other half he didn’t show

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Individual’s daughter texting him directly

I was never told what type of person mom’s children’s father was and still continue to be. He attempted to file child abuse charges on me. The courts denied it. He attempted to get a “peace order”, disguised as an attempt to give him grounds for an emergency custody switch. The courts denied his protection order. The judge said, “Outside of the children, there is NO reason you should be at Mr. Janey’s residence. I’m putting you on notice that you cannot come to his residence”.

It does get frustrating and disheartening. The father tell lies and uses the false image of “I just want to see my children”. The most irritating part? People fall for it. Clearly, if anyone steps out from their emotions and read the facts, you will see he spreads nothing but lies! I asked to be left out of the custody dispute, but he continuously seeks to sling mud my way.