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Shawn’s Poetry Corner

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Shawn's Poetry Corner is more than an outlet—it's a portal into his soul. Shawn has never been one for words in conversation, but when he holds a pen, his silence transforms into a symphony of emotions and stories. Each stroke of ink is a masterpiece, a glimpse into the depths of his mind and heart.

Dive into his world.

The Price Of It All?

Listening to meek mill,

A crib with a pool, bar and a pond… thinking is it real?

Can’t take it for granted cause I know for my position, they would kill,

Never leave the house without my Rollie, still don’t have time to tell you how it feels.

It’s June but you would think it was December cause reminiscing gives me chills,

Pulling up to the barbershop to get a cut after that, in the back room tryna work out a deal.

When I use to ride out on those late nights, had to keep my steel,

Then got smart cause niggas dying like they got a living will.

Get on the internet and family need a gofund me for the casket,

Thought you was the man? Why your family gotta go asking?

I thought you called shots? Guess your family found out you were captain (cappin),

What’s the price of it all? That’s the real question.

Walked those long back roads, talking to God like I just need a win,

They think I’m lazy cause I’m black? See my grind and they’ll call me a Mexican.

Felt all of those losses by myself so I made a promise I’ll never go back again,

Lord, I don’t need protection from my enemies. It be my so called friends that’s gon cause me to sin.

I understand nothings is promised. Tomorrow all this could end,

Is it real cause I know for the right price, they’ll pretend.

PTSD, I be around triggers and I’ll be lying if I said my pain gon end,

Survivor’s remorse cause I got the success minus some friends.

It breaks my heart when your own kind start hating when you start doing better,

Especially knowing that we came from out the gutter.

Had I stayed in the streets and died, they be crying, asking God why I ain’t choose better,

To Zo’s mom, I apologize. It took some time to get it out, guess I had a stutter.

Always and forever? That promise, I broke it and I accept it,

Told myself that if God ever bless me with love again, I’ll give my life to protect it.

I put my life on the line for you and I got left unprotected,

I grew distant. Now, you talking bout you feel neglected?

How a man supposed to go to war with the world and come home and not be respected?

I gave my heart to so many and they took it just to dissect it.

Some family wish they were in the courtroom when God chose to bless me so they could’ve objected,

Betrayal turned me cold. I’m a father though so I make sure my kids don’t get infected.

They don’t know I get in my feelings thinking about my dawg,

They don’t know I get paranoid, thinking they come knock me off.

They don’t know I be looking at my son, praying he don’t ever get involved,

They don’t know I be talking to God, asking is this the price of it all?

Michael? He died,

My grandfather? He died.

I was drowning and I pushed the only real one away from my side,

Asking God is this the price of it all? If so, why He just ain’t let me die?

You know, out of that concrete, the flower still rise,

It just be tough cause when my daughter cry I can’t be there to wipe her eyes.

It just be tough cause when they mention beef, I get the urge to commit a homicide,

Is this the price of it all? Or will it rise?