Mission Statement

TheRealShawnJaney exists to forge paths of personal growth through Faith in God, Self-Responsibility, Family Cohesion, Business Acumen, and Serving Others.

Together, we dismantle obstacles, cultivate success, and build a powerhouse community where all thrive.

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Core Values

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1. Faith In God

In the chaos of life, where do you find your anchor? For me, it is my unwavering faith in God— the creator of the universe, the architect of my existence.

2. Self Responsibility

No more excuses, no more blaming circumstances or others for my shortcomings. It’s time to rise above and own my choices, my ambitions, and my destiny.

3. Family Cohesion

My home is my sanctuary, my first and most sacred responsibility. It's the foundation from which I can positively impact the world. Prioritize providing for my family, for it's a testament to my character and faithfulness. Neglecting this duty is to forsake the very essence of who I am.

4. Business Acumen

I must honor God, become a person of value, and support my family by cultivating a mindset of abundance and creating a financial ecosystem that thrives. I must continuously hone my skills and talents to contribute meaningfully to the world around me.

5. Serving Others

With my own affairs in order, I embrace this God given duty to inspire and empower, to guide others towards enlightenment and spiritual growth.

Our Code of Conduct

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1. Respect God:

Honor and uphold religious values, showing reverence in all actions and decisions.

2. Embrace Self-Responsibility:

Take accountability for your actions and their consequences, striving for personal excellence at all times.

3. Value Family Cohesion: Prioritize the well-being and unity of our organization's members and their families, fostering a supportive and loyal community.

4. Exhibit Business Acumen:

Conduct all affairs with strategic foresight, shrewd judgment, and integrity, ensuring the prosperity and longevity of our enterprise.

5. Serve Others:

Dedicate oneself to the betterment of our community and society, using our resources and influence for the greater good.