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Shawn shines as a beacon of resilience and determination, standing tall as the third eldest among eleven siblings. Raised by a single mother, he and his older brother took on the mantle of responsibility, becoming guiding lights for their five younger siblings. Hailing from the humble beginnings of Prince Frederick, Maryland, Shawn's journey led him through the crucible of Annapolis Gardens, where he weathered the storms of adversity.

Against all odds, Shawn not only survived but thrived in the midst of turmoil. Armed with unwavering grit, he conquered the challenges of his environment, refusing to be defined by his circumstances. With a heart fueled by ambition and a mind enriched by education, Shawn marched forward, earning his stripes in the battlefield of academia and armed service.

Today, Shawn stands as a testament to the power of perseverance, holding a bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Religion, a proud veteran of the United States Army, and a visionary entrepreneur carving his path in the world. His story echoes the symphony of resilience, inspiring countless souls to defy the limits of their circumstances and reach for the stars.

Shawn is currently enrolled in Penn Foster’s online program for an associates degree in Paralegal Studies. His goal is to ultimately provide legal services for those who are at an disadvantage financially.

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